Northeast Corridor in the News

FY14 appropriations good for TIGER, Amtrak
Railway Age | Douglas Bowen | January 15

NE high-speed rail on track despite Congress budget cuts
Daily Hampshire Gazette | Stephen Singer | January 19

Amtrak in market for dozens of high-speed trains
The Baltimore Sun | Kevin Rector | January 24

Thanks to the Superbowl, New York has its first regional transit map | Mark Byrnes | January 31

New Jersey Senate panel clears rail-merger plan | Paul Nussbaum | February 1

Gov. Malloy launches $10 million upgrade to Metro-North New Haven line power supply

New Haven Register | Michelle Tuccitto Sullo | February 7

In Amtrak's new locomotive, Biden sees work that helps move the economy | Paul Nussbaum | February 7

See the new Siemens Cities Sprinter in motion here (YouTube video).

Penn Station [Baltimore] "good repair" study is funded
Baltimore Brew | Mark Reutter | February 10

Metro-North officials promise to get railroad running right
Transportation Nation | Jim O'Grady | February 25

Why commuter trains aren't getting any less crowded
Transportation Nation | Jim O'Grady | February 25

Penn Station redevelopment may get out of the station
New York Business Journal | Staff | March 3

Rendell says maglev should be more than a dream | Paul Nussbaum | March 6

Amtrak sets key 2014 capital projects

Railway Age | William Vantuono | March 10

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